About Us

Manufacturing & Sourcing of Apparel and Accessories since 1993

Karsuh Activewear Inc

At Karsuh, we assist you with the development of your idea/project into a marketable product.

SERVICES we offer:

  • Consultation
  • Design assist
  • Prototype/sample
  • Marketing consultation
  • Production (domestic and offshore)

WHO we are:

  •  Manufacturing & importing apparel and accessories since 1993.
  •  2002 – developed our own brand of licenced pet gear Togpetwear.
  • 2015 – co owner of Svelte shapewear a line of ladie’s shapewear legging 


  • Domestic production in Toronto
  • Offshore production: have worked within China for over 20 years

We have family-owned textile factory and work with numerous other factories for a variety of products.

We have built strong partnerships with factories, logistics companies and understand how to maneuver the bureaucracy of the Chinese market.


Here are some of the products we produced or consulted on.

Pets– sweater, jersey, bandana, jackets, collar, leash, toy, pet bed, travel bag, bowl, ID tag

Individual–T-shirts, college sweatshirt line, bathing suit cover line, skirts, blazer, belt, ladies travel bags, Leather jacket, work gloves.

Military– jackets, uniforms, BDU, berrets, hats, cadet training fleece

Medical– medical gown, medical face mask